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Reflection hair studio has recently decided to give you a monthly blog for all your hair needs. You will be shown the latest colour trends, in styles, product reviews and the latest offers.
For our first post we thought it would be great if you knew who we were. Three of us work at the salon. Cheryl, Chloe and jess. Here is a little bit about us.
Cheryl – Salon Owner
I have always had a passion for Hairdressing, and it was all I ever wanted to do since I was 7 years old.
I’ve been in the hairdressing trade since 1993 and was first qualified in 1995 but re-qualified in 2010.
Owning my own salon has always been a dream of mine and being able to provide a service
which I know makes my clients feel great is an extremely satisfying feeling.
I love absolutely everything about hairdressing, from the actual artistic side of my job to the relationships I build with clients. I hope to be hairdressing for many more years to come, gaining more experience and knowledge each and everyday.
Chloe – Stylist
At school I was given the chance to complete one weeks worth of works experience and knew exactly what I wanted to do, hairdressing.
I have worked ever since as a Saturday girl in a couple of hairdressers since the age of 15. I am a level 2 hairdresser and currently studying my level 3 as an apprentice which I have very nearly completed.
Since I can remember my Instagram and Pinterest has been filled with posts and pins of hairstyles, and I would sit for hours trying to recreate the looks.
I have always been interested in art and would say that this is where my creative flair has come from combined with my love for hair, it was inevitable that I would be a hairdresser.
I have been working in Reflection hair studio for two years now and I can gladly say that my confidence and hairdressing ability has grown massively.

Jess – stylist
In 2013 I qualified as a level 3 hairdresser through a local college.
I desperately tried to get a job in a salon but unfortunately, I was unsuccessful and started working in retail, but this did give me a lot of experience in dealing with the public.
I missed hairdressing so much I decided to get a little round of clients but as I was working full time it didn’t give me time to expend.
I love browsing through magazines looking at celebrities, music stars and the current fashion especially with there hair. Recently I started working in Reflection and I’m excited to gain more confidence and experience.

Offer Of The Month.
£5 off when you have any colouring service and buy 2 hair products.

Product Review
Vitamino colour range
Do you want your colour to last longer? Well, with the Vitamino Colour AO-X shampoo with radiance protection technology, you can. This specially formulated shampoo was created to leave your hair feeling instantly soft. Its filled with antioxidants and UV filters. Your colour will last longer, look more vibrant and shiny. £10.50.
Obviously the amazing conditioner would be best paired with the shampoo, it’s only right. It’s designed for fine to medium hair which means it’s not heavy or greasy, so you can still get that well deserved volume to complete your look. This conditioner contains the colour radiance protection and helps get rid of those nasty tangles. To be used after the Vitamino Colour shampoo, your Colour treated hair is left feeling super soft , radiant and shiny. An all round the year, colour client shampoo and conditioner. £11.50.
To take this amazing adventure one step further we recommend the 10 in 1 spray from Vitamino Colour A-OX range. This magical spray can be used before or after hair colouring, for 10 instant benefits – protection for hair colour radiance, shine, soft feeling, consistency, heat protection up to 230 degrees, detangling, helps blow-dry, anti-breakage*, helps reduce the appearance of split ends and protects against the look of frizz. That’s a long list! A little goes a long way .£14.95.

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