Our Stylists


I have always had a passion for Hairdressing, and it was all I ever wanted to do since I was 7 years old.

I’ve been in the hairdressing trade since 1993 and was first qualified in 1995 but re-qualified in 2010.

Owning my own salon has always been a dream of mine and being able to provide a service

which I know makes my clients feel great is an extremely satisfying feeling.

I love absolutely everything about hairdressing, from the actual artistic side of my job to the relationships I build with clients. I hope to be hairdressing for many more years to come, gaining more experience and knowledge each and everyday.



At school I was given the chance to complete 1 weeks worth of works experience and knew exactly what I wanted to do, hairdressing.
I have worked ever since as a Saturday girl in a couple of hairdressers since the age of 15. I am a level 2 hairdresser and currently studying my level 3 as an apprentice.

Since I can remember my instagram and pintrest has been filled with posts and pins of hairstyles, and I would sit for hours trying to recreate the looks.

I have always been interested in art and would say that this is where my creative flair has come from combined with my love for hair, it was inevitable that I would be a hairdresser.